AAC ESPN close to a tier 1 deal?


That and the Army - Navy game is one of the most watched…


Army - Navy has own contract with CBS, signed thru 2028.

Most Navy home games not part of this new AAC deal. Starting in 2020, the conference’s primary rightsholder will have access to one Navy home game per season plus the “home” game vs. Notre Dame every other year. The rest will air on CBS Sports Network through 2027.


Pretty sure thats total conference payout—not media payout.


So does Navy get an equal “football” payout if the conference doesn’t have access to all their inventory?


Yes–once the new CBS-Sports deal begins, the money from Navy’s CBS-Sports deal will become part of the conferences shared revenue. During the period where Navy finished out their previously existing indy agreement with CBS-Sports, that was not the case and Navy did not receive a share of AAC media (though it appears Navy DID receive a share of AAC CFP and bowl income). The exception is the Army-Navy game. That is a neutral site game and that money was exempted from being shared by the conference by the invitation agreement made between Navy and the Big East when Navy was invited in 2011. The clause was needed so the move would be (at worst) revenue neutral for Navy.

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Memphis AD:

(Bran) #107

Fingers crossed its 12 million

(P5_OR_BUST) #108

Probably start off in the $8-$10M range and rise to $12-14M by the end.

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If the deal is less than $10 million a team, I’d me more disappointed the Memphis AD was “extremely excited” about the deal than the deal itself.


Again, I’m going to be the grumpy old pessimistic wet blanket who doesn’t trust ESPN more than I can throw them…$8mil would shock me. I’m expecting $6mil


For someone who doesn’t fully understand TV deals, could anyone explain what this tier 1 deal even means? Could this tie us in with a NY6?

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Could be wrong but I think when the guy says “tier 1” he just means a TV deal that is closer to ACC money than MWC money. I’d be surprised if Aresco is working on a deal with ESPN and the CFP at the same time so doubt it has anything to do with the NY6.

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Tier 1 games are games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, Tier 2 are games on CBS Sports and ESPN3 or ESPN+

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Ah OK. So Tier 1 games mean more 11am and 2pm games? Mo money, mo problems.

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What if if included and automatic birth to the Peach Bowl for the conference Champion?

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There are tiers where the networks choose which games the are going to air. Most, if not all, of the Longhorn Network and conference network deals are for tier 3 rights. The LHN is is a big deal because the Longhorns make over $10 million just for tier 3 rights. Kansas makes over $9 million just on their basketball tier 3 rights, last I heard. We are hoping for $10 million just for tier 1.

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Tier 1 games mean your product deserve to be seen by million of people. A proving fact that the AAC can produce ratings. AAC will get more money. This is what I said
last week. Some of you guys assume ESPN can’t paid us big dollars because they are losing viewers. ESPN see more viewers with the AAC major city mix like Houston, Dallas, Philly, TAmpa, Olando, and other. That what negotiation does when you present the facts. Not what we fan think, or what we hear.


First Tier rights - nationally broadcast football and some basketball games (ESPN, CBS, as mentioned above)
Second Tier rights - football and basketball games not picked up by First Tier (ESPN3, ESPNU, CBS Sports)
Third Tier - all other sports - can be collectively negotiated or on a per school basis, usually regional networks

I believe the negotiations we are all talking about in this thread are for Tier 1 only. A few schools in the conference have their own deals for the lower tiers. I believe Navy has deals also for their football games with Army and Notre Dame.

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Pretty sure the CFP and the bowls are 100% in control of who gets bowl tie-ins. I doubt any TV deal with ESPN includes ESPN handing us an NY6 bowl tie-in because it would interfere with deals the CFP and bowls have made for many years in the future.

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I see ESPN looking to the future, PAC 12 Dollars and viewers are shrinking.