AAC Game Thread: UCF vs UConn (Game starts at 6PM Central) and Wake Forest vs Tulane (starts at 7PM)

Good Run by UConn QB Pindell but man his OL…

Watching Tulane/WakeForest and eATMe/LouisianaCommCollege (hasnt had a winning season in 10 years).

Tulane’s offense looks different. Still run-run-run.

Aggies hace more tight ends than they know what to do with. They need a QB. So glad Murray is in OK now.

Milton’s throwing motion bothers me

It’s the job of the game announcers to hype the current players on the field. I take it with a grain of salt. I prefer the eyeball test. Voters aren’t watching UCF, shown by the halftime guys making a joke about them being “defending national champs” with a chuckle from the cast.

Desmond said it’s about the schedule, starting big and finishing big. In that case Big Ed should have won the Heisman his freshman year.

Whatever that throwing motion, that 34 yard pass was dropped in the bread basket.

Now I know why that other UCF QB transferred to Nebraska. He had no chance of beating out Mack as the backup.

There’s we go Tulane. Up 14-10 late in the 3rd. Wake Forest putting up all kind of yards on them, but can’t score and Tulane just hit the big pass play for the TD.

Bend but dont break defense has it’s merits but can only bend so far if the offense struggles to move the ball.

Tulane punter is named Block. I keep doing double takes on the gamecast… Block punt for 34 yards


Tough call on that Wake interception…should have been overturned. Good for the Green Wave though as they try to retake the lead.

Terrible call, but tough to feel sorry for WF since that was a terrible decision by that QB.

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Tulane has oline problems.

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Tie ballgame with 3:27 to go. 17-17

Yep. Banks is dangerous but he’s been running for his life all night. Not a great passer. Really inaccurate down the field and not much arm strength. Just need to contain him and make him throw the ball.

3 and out for WF…Tulane gets the ball back with 3 minutes to go.

this game might go to OT.

Looks like it.

Banks = Uncle Rico

lets go Tulane!

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Wow, Tulane!

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