AAC Introducing Regular-Season Tournament In 2021

“The coaches found a novel solution by going back to the future. Next year, on the first weekend of conference play, the American will put on a pair of four-team, round-robin tournaments hosted by Central Florida and South Florida. The tournaments will count as conference games and, over the next seven weeks, the teams will play conventional three-game series, giving them a total of 24 conference games. How the teams will be divided into pods for the opening weekend tournaments has not yet been decided but will involve a formula to help balance the fields.”

This is…something.


Wow…That’s a creative solution for sure!

I’m not a fan of a conference regular season event that gives 1-2 schools an extra home field advantage so fine with this being killed. If it were rotating (which would have been hard given distance in AAC) that would be fine but that didn’t seem to be the plan.

It could have rotated between UCF/USF, UH/Tulane and Cinci/Memphis.

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