AAC Media Day July 15-16

AAC Media Day is in one week. Who do you think CDH brings to Newport to escape the heat?

King, shoo-in no doubt.
Dane Roy, please. He wants to go into media as a career.
Senior OL or WR lots to choose from.
Defense no idea I’ll guess Spree.

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D’Eriq and Dane are shoe-ins, I think.

Mulbah Car has an interesting story so he might be picked too.

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Roy would still the show on YouTube but he’s not that great of a punter…inconsistent. I think King, Sprewell who is our top returning tackler and led us in interceptions last year, Stevenson because he’s just real good, Braylon Jones.

How many did we take last year?

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I think 4 is the norm, one other team brought 5 or even 6 last year.

King, Roy, some workout warrior (Gooden?), and Holgerson.

You think coach would bring Logan? That would not be a good look IMO.

Nah. Going to media day has to be earned.

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I agree I think it should be seniors no transfers. There are exceptions though for players like Ed the media basically demands the presence of players like that.

Well Sprewell is a transfer and I think he is the best guy to represent the defense. I don’t know how he is socially but he really came on toward the end of the year and I think he is expected to be a leader. I don’t know what kind of spring he had but I saw he posted some up-beat comments I think on Twitter

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The month run up until practice starts … oi vay.

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Yall dont have to guess anymore. You’re welcome.


Well now what do we talk about?

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Let’s get an early start on “Girls of”.

I don’t understand why we are always conceding to other schools in some instances. Saw a lot of fine UH ladies during basketball season … Cougar Dolls for starters.

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Good on ya seniors! as they say down under.
Taking a couple of 6’7" guys will fill up a room,
especially a big 315lb OT.
We will be well represented, King’s hype from
media day to College Game Day Sunday kick off
will continue to build. IF we beat OU, he will jump
into Heisman mode.
Can’t wait for Labor Day!

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Newport, R.I. - a picturesque seatown but is it time to move the media day to a more AACcentric location?

Plenty of picturesque seatowns deep in the AAC footprint.


I don’t remember any “Girls of…” posts last year. I think its time someone started catching up.

Like really in the footprint? Because I’d disagree with you, there’s like one maybe two. Now if you’re talking in general like in the states sure then there are some good choices.

I thought I read somewhere it would be in Dallas next year.

The AAC offices are moving to Dallas, I read where Aresco said the AAC will continue to have the “clam bake” every year on the east coast. Whether that includes having the media days at that location I don’t know.

Where does Aresco reside ?