AAC-Only Temple in NIT. None in CBI

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None in the CIT as well…


Wow…I wonder why Memphis is not playing. Hmmmmm…

(Russel ) #4

No power conferences want to deal with the cit or cbi like they use to. It does nothing for your program. Surprised ucf didn’t get an nit invite.

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The small programs don’t mind paying the fee.
The games are a big deal to them & they make that $ back +.

Didnt see a 2018 cost but recent CBI fee was $35,000 first round, $50,000 quarterfinals, $75,000 semifinals.

Believe CIT works similar.

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Tubby must be getting the cold shoulder very soon.
Considering how many players they lost, Memphis had a good year. (just not good enough)

(Mark) #7

I think the AAC no longer qualifies as mid-major enough for the CBI, and definitely not for the CIT. Count this as a good thing for perception purposes.

(gpropes) #8

It looks like half the WAC, one of the worst conferences in America, bought first-round home games in the CBI. Little wonder nobody in our league was interested.

(Mark) #9

That’s no joke, three bought home games and another bought a road game. Literally half their conference.

And given how Grand Canyon is trying to buy itself Gonzaga status with Pell grant money (see this nice bit of sponsored content here) maybe they’ll buy the entire tournament.


Was SMU not NIT-worthy or do you think they turned it down?

(Jimmy Morris) #11

SMU without Milton was a bottom 150 team.

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Wild that CIT has named “classic” games with a trophy to kick off the 1st round.

"The 2018 CIT begins on Monday, March 12 with four games on CBS Sports Network. The Hugh Durham Classic, Lou Henson Classic, Jim Phelan Classic and Riley Wallace Classic will be the first games of the postseason. At the conclusion of each game a trophy will be presented to the winning team"


Why? lol

(Jimmy Morris) #14

Well today’s players are part of the “everyone gets a trophy” generation. Surprised the four teams that lose don’t get a participation trophy.

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Its wild. Almost to the point of farce that’s its a “classic”.

That said…
I was looking around at various forums of the teams in CIT & CBI.
They are FIRED up for tourney play & its a true event the students/fans will remember.
$ well spent for the home team.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Thinking about it a little more, not really much different than trophies awarded at meaningless bowl games right?

(Mike Higdon) #17

No one cares about the Nobody Important Tourney anymore. Back when the NCAA was only 8 teams, the NIT was a really big deal. As the NCAA expanded, the NIT became increasingly weaker and weaker. Now, nobody really gives a rats.

(Jimmy Morris) #18

Maybe you don’t care about the NIT, but whenever the Coogs are in it, I’m watching and they are trying to win. I’m more invested in watching my team play in the NIT than playing in some crap bowl game.

(Jerrycoog) #19

If the coogs are playing I’ll watch but if not I don’t care its the same with bowl games. I get why teams don’t have any interest in the CBI ir CIT there are plenty of schools losing money on sports as it is the last thing most want to do is create more debt playing games that most fans have no interest in coming to see.