AAC Predictions - Underdog Dynasty

Funny… their ceiling is my floor for CDH next year.

If he goes 6-6 or even 7-5…



That is your prerogative keep hating our coach.


If CDH doesn’t win 9 or more with this schedule, then we definitely need to apply Renu Khator’s “we fire coaches at 8-4” principle.


It is hyperbolic sarcasm.


Sounds about right!

Tune has a lot to prove at QB. Some fans may think he’s going to be good and lead us to wins, but that 's far from certainty.

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6-6 means we lose to ECU, Tulane, Memphis, and Tech. 3-5 in conference.
7-5 means we beat one of those four (or pull off an upset against someone better). 3-5 or 4-4 in conference.

Both of those probably mean we beat nobody with a winning record.

If that’s not “Break The Glass In Case of Emergency”, I don’t want to know what is.


Cue the O-Line was terrible comments…

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They usually come right after the “Tune bad” comments. Perhaps lay off those and you wont hear any O line comments.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^… Told ya…

The only way for this to be settled is for one of the retired Coogs, on this forum, to put together tape and analysis of every single turnover Tune had throughout the season… Lol

But seriously though… We’re waiting…

TO’s happen…although a lot of Tunes were self induced.

I was more concerned that our defense created so few TO’s. We did however coach our safeties to watch the receivers they were covering catch the ball a lot !!

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Sorry, but I didn’t make any more of an O line comment than you did. Guess that makes you guilty of your own warning.

These Coaches just aren’t good

you posts are incredibly insightful, thanks.

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I see the other AAC teams improving. UCF really hit the big one with Malzahn. What was that Dr. Khator said again?

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I think she said “we really hit the big one hiring Tom Herman”

We will find out. He ain’t gonna have the caliber of players that he had at Auburn.

I’m still surprised that Tenn didn’t go after him. I do not think the guy they hired will fare very well there.

Sorry, not sorry

im not surprised at all by your comment.


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