AAC Tournament In Orlando

(Matt Jackson) #1

Looks like we will draw UCF in the first round. I am curious to see if the game is considered a neutral court game or a road game for RPI purposes. That’s not the easiest opening draw, but it does have the most reward for winning. IF (big if) UH wins the tournament and beats the expected opponents, a 4 seed is probably the floor and it is possible that the team could earn a 3 seed. I think if UH just gets to the semifinals, the seed is no worse than 6.

If you could tell me we’d play in Dallas, I’d selfishly take it regardless of seed, just so I can get there. Wichita (8 Hours) is probably drivable, Nashville (12 hours), Charlotte (14 hours), San Diego (20 hours), Pittsburgh (20 hours), and Detroit (20) would be tough/expensive to get to on a few days notice.


It’s at the NBA arena, 15 miles from the UCF campus. It will be cosidered neutral by most. “Semi-away” by Pomeroy.

(Patrick) #3

Full tiebreaker scenarios. We could end up with Memphis, Temple, or UCF (or ECU) in our first game:

(PMM) #4

Well, whoever we play will NOT be well rested.

(Randy Randel) #5

Unfortunately that hasn’t mattered the previous two years

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Sometimes the problem with being a team heavily dependent on outside shooting, you can be too rested. Hope it isn’t the case this year.

(Nick K) #7

anyone know if milton will be playing for smu…that could make for an interesting scenario for cincinnati

(Patrick) #8

Last word from Jankovich was that he didn’t know if he’d play again this season. My guess is that he’s probably played his last game for SMU.

(Matt Jackson) #9

I think if UConn plays the AAC tourney like they played UH today, they will smoke SMU and give Cincy trouble.

According to RPI Wizard, this is where UH will end up based on tourney outcomes. (Based on seeds holding)
AAC Title: (wins over UCF, Wichita, Cinci) #11
Runner Up: (wins over UCF, Wichita) #15
Semifinal (win over UCF) #19
Quarterfinal loss: #25
The worst case scenario is a 7 seed. The most likely scenario is a 6 seed. The best case scenario is a 3 seed.

All in all, it is SOOOOOO much more fun to discuss this than “will we buy an NIT home game?”.

Here’s to the players getting some much needed rest and packing for 3 games in Orlando.

(Patrick) #10