AAC Week 7 (NO weekday games) and other games

Temple fumble and Memphis quickly scores a TD. Memphis doing what they always do…look horrible for awhile and then hit the big play. All or nothing offense.

Memphis really needs some help with their uniforms. Year after year they just look so bad…

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Memphis-Temple coming down to the end

Wow. Memphis was cheated!

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I hate Memphis. I mean I hate everybody.

Tulane and SMU in the driver’s seat for the West.


Tech came back on Baylor to take the lead. Love it.

If we lose to UCONN, that will be something else…

Nice win for USF. @35k crowd.
“During brief pauses in action Saturday, USF announced that a pair of donors had pledged another $2.5 million to its proposed football center.”

“The victory was USF’s first against a Division I-A foe not named Connecticut in a calendar year, and elevated the Bulls’ bowl hopes from laughable to conceivable.”



The AAC is so deep this year. Our record says we are not part of that deep group.