Abusive private messages

This post is not for 99.9% of you. But there are a few who need to know this:

Private messages are covered by our policies. This is supposed to be a friendly community. If you send threatening, profane, or abusive messages to other members, it could cost you membership on Coogfans.

And no, we are not sitting here monitoring your private messages, but they can be flagged and forwarded to us.

Just because it’s a private message, does not mean any member can harass or threaten another member.

Thank you.


Unfortunate that this has to be said.

Agreed. Fortunately there has been very little of this on the new Coogfans, but still, we want to be clear it won’t be tolerated.

Send me some abusive private messages, Shaggy. Pretty please? I promise not to flag and forward them. :wink:

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Douche … I mean … touche

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