AD qualities wishlist

(Bryant Hargrave) #1

With Hunter gone I’m curious what qualities are most important to everyone in the next AD. Sure a guy great at everything would be nice but that seems unlikely. So what are everyone’s top priorities ?

Mine would be:

  1. Best coaching hiring because if the teams are kicking butt and taking names everything else fall into place a lot easier.

  2. Fundraising: the arms race is never going to stop and if this guy can sell ice to Eskimos we can keep up without running huge deficits or completely on the back of student fees.

  3. Ensuring positive guest experiences. From ticketing to game day the only thing that should be complained about is the result on the field, well hopefully not but you get the idea.

Everything else to me is a bonus. If he markets well, is creative, schedules great is all awesome but those first three gives us the greatest chance at continued success.


I agree and would like to add to Fundraising, that he work to increase annual contributors to Cougar Pride and 46ers. I would suggest targeting upcoming and recent graduates.

I would also want the new AD to have the will to resist pressure Mr. Fertitta to do things his way. Tilman has done a lot of good but he needs a ‘handler’ who can deal with his ego and still manage athletics properly, including the hiring of the best available coaches, and reasonable contract buyouts, etc.

  1. Schedule P5 opponents in football and basketball; use other sports as leverage. We play Big 12 and SEC teams in just about everything except football and basketball. Tie those together. It costs a lot to send womens teams etc. outside the state. If they want the convenience of playing in Houston for the non-revenue sports then they can also schedule revenue sports.
  2. Make sure Tillman understands his role and can stay in his lane. Dr. K is the one who should manage this. He’s a restaurant owner. All his venues make money selling food and drinks. Stick with what you are good at. Just because someone is a billionaire does not make him qualified to negotiate contracts for football coaches.

(Eric Prado) #4

I wish the rest of the nation agreed to this…

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

He’s chairman of the BOR…That makes him most likely to do this, in absence of an AD…Dr K is an academic, and the 2 will likely put heads together and decide what to do.


Heard a lot about how the P5 schools won’t schedule us in football. We still have a non-conference spot open for 2019. Like to know who else does? Drum roll…


I didn’t research if the available dates align, but you’d think we could work with them especially since the AAC hasn’t announce conference dates yet.

(Butch) #7

Sounds like we need another Harry Fouke…LOL


Deep P5 connections. (Games and Coaches)
A legit plan to move into a major conference.
A legit plan to feature the best stadium food in the nation.
A legit desire to make the game day experience as good or better than it was at the Rob.

(Patrick) #9

[quote=“Notherncoog, post:3, topic:10119, full:true”] We play Big 12 and SEC teams in just about everything except football and basketball.

Just nit-picking here, I agree with your points, but we do schedule the SEC in basketball. We’ve played Arkansas the last two years and LSU three years in a row. Aggies won’t play us at all though.

It would be nice to get Big 12 teams in for basketball. Maybe Rhodes and Dickey being at Baylor can open something up with the Bears (we did have the scrimmage before the season against them). We did have a series against TCU lined up a few years back until they dropped it without warning (CKS was pissed). Maybe we can even get OU to come in since there are a lot of OU ties with our current program


Yes, we do; but guys like that are not available these days, alas! :disappointed: