After Ace Pitcher Suspended, UH's Baseball Coach Spars With Reporters


Wow, John was very reserved in this article compared to his normal, opinionated self. Kudos to him.

Thought that was a pretty fair summation of the situation.


I do think there can be an argument that college baseball is a fringe sport in Houston because of the lack of media coverage given to it. Kind of a chicken and egg situation that can go for any college sports in the city.

The failed drug test should never have been put on the open market for public consumption. I am sure Duarte had some second hand informants, but I can understand Whitting’s stand.
Despite all of Romero’s sins, Whitting did his best to protect the kid and his family from public embarrassment. While other reports elected to not air the garbage, Duarte decided to carry it out. Yes he was doing his job, but such public trashing does nothing for the kid, his family or the program.
Seth is gone forever. No sense in dragging him through the mud. After thinking about it I appreciate coach Whitting standing up for his players regardless of what they have done. It eventually all worked out as Seth crossed the line once too often.
You can bet other programs have had players who have screwed up as much or more than Romero, but rarely do you hear them drug through the mud. Duarte’s job is to report the news, but I think he truly stepped across the line for a few adaboys from his Chronicle cronies.
Regardless, kudos for Whitting for standing up for his team…otherwise I think recruiting could have really been damaged…


I think a good example is Javin Webb’s dismissal from the football team. JD didn’t write a story in regards to why Webb was dismissed and just repeated what was put out there. Then again, Webb was a backup RB and wasn’t expected to make millions in the draft.

JD definitely decided that this was a story because of who this was and the impact it could have on him. Clear double standard.

Nope, sorry.

JD reported on Seth because the information was given to him on a platter by someone associated with the program.

He didn’t report on Javin Webb because he had nothing other than the same rumors that everyone else had heard, but no one associated with the football program had confirmed.

In other words, he reported the facts on Seth, and didn’t report the rumors on Javin. In both instances, he did his job correctly.

If this true then Whitting should be looking for the wikileaks informant LOL…However, as mad as Whitting got I figured maybe JD had been asked to keep the personal information close to the vest. The news story that Romero was suspended was the story, the rest, although allegedly true, was needless sensationalism.
Not saying Duarte wasn’t doing his job, just pointing out what could have happened…there was no need to trash the kid and the program along the Romero family.
Whitting did the right thing and let Seth go for good. Hopefully end of story…Whitting also showed that he would stand up for his players and program…
Fact is we don’t know what really happened between Duarte and Whitting, but apparently there had been some bad blood brewing for awhile.
I like both of them and hope they can get this resolved…

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JD never really chased after the Webb story to the point that the info could have been handed to him. Then again, folks weren’t asking him as much as they were about Romero.

I agree, JD did his job on Romero, but it’s still a double standard based on the status of the player. Still, it isn’t his fault.

Seen a lot of anger on twitter from some close to the program in regards to stuff going on with the club. I know there were some last year that left on bad terms and there will be some more attrition this year (3 have already left the program). Not sure what to make of it; could just be the high turnover from last year and folks not getting the spot they thought they should have gotten causing it along with Romero’s attitude…

Will be interesting to see what happens with Whitting this offseason. No chance he gets fired, but will he look for an escape to leave the drama? I hope he doesn’t, I think he’s done a good job, but if he does, I hope the SHSU coach is 1st on the list.

We have had more than few athletes leave the program over the years for different violations. I can think of a star basketball recruit who was kicked off the campus when he was caught stealing from players’ lockers.
We had a young football player under Levine who was caught doing the same and asked to leave. Webb also had some problems, like Romero, and left for Sam.
It happens everywhere, but rarely do you see the dirty laundry released on the young like Romero’s was. Like I said, I don’t know all the facts, but I do understand Whitting was very upset. If Whitting talked with Duarte and asked him not to repeat the reasons for the sake of the kids, then the reporter was wrong and going beyond his job scope. He needs to go to work for some tabloid…


I don’t think JD’s story hurts the program one iota. In fact it protects the program because it shows players breaking the rules do get punished. As far as the player’s reputation goes, if he truly took a picture in uniform while holding a bong, there is no reason to fill sorry for him. If JD reported a rumor, that would be different.

Are you kidding? Going into details about the dismissal not only hurts the player and his family, but you can bet will be talked about by future recruits. Whitting did the right thing by standing by his guns and shutting JD down. Duarte can still use his so called sources to embarrass kids if he wants to, but Whitting showed he had his player’s back, whether they are right or wrong. Romero was permanently suspended…and that sends another message to recruits and their parents. UH baseball is going to do things the right way…

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