After watching Cougar Football for a billion years


He said money line, which for the SMU game was probably +400 to +450. That game and betting Tech money line would have made you about $500 if you put down $100 on every game. Offset the $300 losses on the other road games and you are up $200 with one road game to go. Worst case you profit $100, best case $300-350.

It would have paid out better last year with a 3-2 road record and big money line payouts against Tulsa and Tulane. In 2016 we went 2-3, all 3 losses were upsets so even better. 2015 depended on that UConn spread, either breaking even or making a small amount. Might be the most solid betting strategy I have seen in a while!


Tech closed the game as a -2 favorite so UH was the dog. Over the last 3 years UH is 7-5 straight up as a road favorite. Since 1992 they’re 36-26 straight up as a road favorite.

If your strategy is taking no points that you’re getting and only betting on a win then good luck.


I think that was 1976 (?) the first SWC season. I’m thinking of one after that, but point made.


Anbody who has watched Cougar football for a long time will point to the 1980 season as the one where we clearly underperformed. We started the season ranked 10th and we finished the season getting smoked by Rice 35-7 in the Dome. 7-5 final record.

Coach Yeoman was one of the greats of all time but his team authored a number of games like Saturday.

It is just hard to be a Cougar. We beat lots of ranked teams but we also fall flat on our faces at least once during every season.

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Playing at level of competition. Yeoman was a world-class recruiter of defensive linemen, considering his disadvadvantes against atm and ut.
But when we had injuries we were succeptible to getting beaten too.

Also, he used a plug-in-play QB system as our QBs got banged up a lot in the veer. If a few breaks went their way and they got a lead we still didn’t pass a great deal when behind.

But man, when the veer was clicking it was a thing of beauty and completely irritating to teams like Arkansas and UT.


This is what is commonly known is sports as an upset, hence the reason people get upset when it happens. The better your team is the more opportunities there are for them to be an upset victim. Having a coaching staff/culture that minimizes the absurd losses is way underappreciated by the fan base. You think your team should only pull the upset and never be on the receiving end of one. I’m guilty of this myself.


Correct. But 7-5 as a road favorite means they lose 5 games with (potentially) heavy odds coming back.
It would be $1200 in bets on which you would lose $700. But the five remaining games only need to be +140 to break even.


Highly considering it next year if we keep CMD.

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I started in 1966.

Have seen plenty of games where UH had the better players, and better coaches, yet lost.

However, losing 3 out of the last 4 games to SMU in Dallas is a real head scratcher.
3 different Head Coaches accomplished this.In none of the 3 games did SMU have clearly superior talent.