Aggies do less with more?

Exactly. It’s not like he can go out and buy players with his salary. The guy has had one year. CDH critics need to back off a bit. I’m sure there’s something you could pile on that has already been nitpicked, but this take on doing less with more doesn’t make much sense.

Edit: not your take Eric. The original poster’s point. Yours makes perfect sense.

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You are missing a heck of a lot more data points like the cost of the entire football coaching staff. Second, you are measuring the UH coach in year one. Third, what is the average recruit ranking for each team? Isn’t that a measure of who is doing less with more This premise of simply taking the head coaches salary to determine cost per win is nowhere near accurate. I’m sorry but this analysis is so bad that I’m annoyed I had to start my day by reading it.

Fourth, the Aggies are full of crap. Their QB is not the highest ranking QB in Texas by any recruiting service I’ve seen. In fact, UT has two Texas QBs ranked above theirs in multiple services. The Aggy honor code is the biggest farce in the state of Texas.


I would say losing to Tulane is 100 times more costly than ATM losing to anyone in the SEC.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

EVERY new coach gets one “freebie” bad season, including Dana.

But that’s it.

Dana’s had his “freebie.”

Now, … he’d better win.

Or what Ryon? Are you going to hold your breath until your face turns blue?

Let’s do some comparisons:
Texas A&M continues to be among the haves when it comes when it comes to money as the Aggies ranked second nationally (UT is 1st) in total revenues with $212,399,426 and it was the second straight year that the Aggies had gone over the $200 million mark. Along with Ohio State and Texas, A&M was one of only three departments to generate over $200 million in revenues. This figure was broken out as follows:

Ticket sales - $44,386,788
Contributions - $94,175,383 (more than the UH entire atletic budget)
Television rights/licensing - $63,557,801
Other - $10,279,454
Texas A&M’s annual average profits from college football were $94 million, tops in the nation.
Jimbo Fisher is paid $7,500,000.00 per year.

UH is at a tremendous financial disadvantage, yet some of our fans expect us to beat out the P5 big boys for talent. Get real folks.


Or what ?

Or the empty seats we will already have this coming season will become the majority of the stadium.

So you’re saying he can lose ten games and still keep his job?

My seat will not be empty.

You might want to revisit the attendance during the Apple Boy reign of incompetence !!


How much of aggie’s share of the PUF goes to athletics though?

Neither will mine, nor most of our group.

But we are in the choir and there were two rows in front of us that were empty except for 2-4 seats throughout the season.

I’m hoping for the best on the field but I’m sure we Will have a drop off in attendance this coming season. CDH has to win, or attendance will go down even more. A caption obvious statement. And obviously CDH is righting applewhite’s wrongs. But the fair weather want results.

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None. A&M doesn’t subsidize their athletics.

Directly, none. There are certainly indirect impacts though.

They may not be now but they have before.

Such as?

Did you go there or something?

No. But I have relatives who did. He speaks with such certainty about assumptions.

Gadfly is clearly an Aggy sympathizer and probably roots for them. I don’t doubt he vicariously celebrates other SEC teams’ championships with them as well.

Wait a minute. :thinking:

@Gadfly you might have to change your screen name. Just in case it’s new information:


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I trust you are talking “over the table “ !

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