All-Conference Teams Announced


Corey Davis, Unanimous 1st team
Armoni Brooks 2nd team
Nate Hinton All-Freshman team

Dejon Jarreau, 6th Man of the year.
Galen Robinson, Good Sportsmanship Award


awards likely given at a later date

(Ben) #3

Hinton unanimous as well.


Galen is one of the top 3 point guards in the league. Don’t know how he got overlooked.
Hell he is probably one of the 3 best overall players in the conference.

(Patrick) #5

The conference’s Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player, Sixth Man of the Year and Sportsmanship Award winners will be announced on Tuesday. The American Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year and Coach of the Year will be announced on Wednesday, March 13.


There is a lot of talent in the conference. I’m hoping Galen will land a spot on the AAC All-Tournament Team.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

It’s very subjective when it comes to point guards. Jimmy Whitt Jr and Justin Jenifer have slightly higher A/T than Robinson, both scored more than Robinson and neither of them made the list either. They are just picking guards in general I suppose, not 1st, 2nd and 3rd team point guards.


He doesn’t score enough points to get votes. Too bad people don’t appreciate his ridiculous assist to turnover ratio.


Looks like this was voted on by people who actually watch some games. Hard to argue aggressively with any of those picks. Congratulations to Mr. Davis. He had a fantastic senior year as both a player and a leader for the Coogs. I hope he can win POY.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Top 3 in A/T were all left off.


Yep. It’s all about how much you score, I guess.

(Patrick) #12

(Ben) #13

Voted on by the coaches.

(Dan) #14

Well we know the AAC refs weren’t involved in the voting then.

(Patrick) #15

(Randy Randel) #16

Dejon named 6th Man of the year. Galen won Good Sportsmanship Award


Heck yeah! He doesn’t look all that skinny in this pic. Haha

(Patrick) #18

He ranks fourth in Houston career history with 554 assists and will finish his collegiate career as The American’s all-time leader in that category.
_ _
Off the court, Robinson has served as an ambassador for the University of Houston and the game of basketball. During his career, he has met and signed autographs for Buddy Basketball team members, assisted in the organization and distribution of supplies to local relief groups following Hurricane Harvey, talked with students about the importance of reading during the NCAA Read to the Final Four Literacy Program at Blackshear Elementary School and served Thanksgiving lunches to Star of Hope mission residents, among others.
_ _
He will graduate in May with his degree in health.