All Spring sports cancelled

Wow! The College World Series is months away? I was bummed enough with the loss of March Madness. Now no College World Series?!?!?

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Guess Whitting gets another year to get things turned around


Well at least we don’t have to suffer thru the rest of our baseball season which is not going well


Not good

Best part is we don’t have to suffer through your garbage posts rest of season.

Whatever just calling like I see it, just hate seeing us flounder like this when i know we should be doing much better

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Calling it like I see it …lol…you have no clue how hard it is at this level. How hard these kids work, year round, on their game. To say we suck and glad season is over 15 games into a 55+ game season is weak sauce.

I know exactly how hard they work on field and in classroom, my daughter played D1 softball at Sam Houston State, got accepted into medical school in Auburn, graduates in May, and will be an OBGYN, I got plenty of phone calls from her wanting to quit, too much pressure etc. so I have plenty of knowledge, I just feel we need a coaching change.
Sorry if I offended u, will try to be more positive in the future, my sincere apologies


First off, many congrats, that’s one heck of an accomplishment by your daughter. Second, my apology for coming off as a dbag. You get the 5AM lifts, long bus rides, crappy hotels and food life :grinning: I do get worked up at times as so many think student/athletes are just a bunch of dumb jocks majoring in BasketWeaving101 and should perform at level of pros. Now HC’s , they’re paid professionals, fire away at will…Lord knows I’ve taken plenty of shots at Levine and Applewhite when they were the FB HC. Have a safe one…Go Coogs !


Seniors will be back

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It’s what we’re hearing as well. HUGE benefit to Frosh players…they’ve come in got their feet under them and have started to adjust to college ball/life. Next year they’ll be year ahead of schedule…tremendous difference


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