Allen Fieldhouse

I was born in Kansas, and all of my extended family still lives in Wichita. I was a massive KU fan even through my my time at UH. I’m still happy when they win, but that’s the extent of it. There’s only room in my heart for UH.

But oh man… when we play our first game at Allen Fielshouse…my emotions will be shot! Haha.

But you know what the best part is? We have at least a coin flips chance of being favored. It’s going to feel like a different version of “Big Time”. I sure hope I can be there.


Phog rolling in. That’s going to be great fun.


I’ll be at our first game there… Can’t beat playing against KU at Allen Fieldhouse.

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I was in a Kansas City bar watching KU slip by Mizzou. Our company has their YEM there every year in January. The bartender (Mizzou fan) said gruffly, “I don’t count games at Phog Allen as real games.”

When I asked why he replied, “Cause bizarre s### happens in that gym with referees…crazy ### bizarre other-wordly ###. When you play at Phog you’ve entered the Twilight Zone.”

Can’t wait.

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This is how we should be rockin’ the FC…

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