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Folks, for those that didn’t know. One of the largest ranking entities U.S News uses a metric of alumni giving in its university rankings. The amount doesn’t matter, but the fact that you gave does. If the number of people giving increases by 2x, it can easily increase our overall ranking from 176 to near the 150s. Here is the link I got from UH. Please be sure to donate every year even if it’s as little as $1. This is something you can do right now to improve our university ranking, fund it more so that it can continue to invest in itself and provide more value to your degrees, current students and to the city of Houston. Go coogs!

New rankings come out in September 1st/2nd week. UH is expected to climb

Link to give


Do you know if the donations counted include athletic donations?

I used to give money to a couple of academic units fairly often. But my football and basketball tickets have gone up so much since TDECU (and now Fertitta) have opened, I’ve laid off giving to the academic units.

I’m not sure if that counts. I would just say that at a minimum, $1 alone would help the metric to be on the safe side.

I believe Cougar Pride counts but not the base season ticket cost.

This was a great campaign. It reminded me to give. New rankings come out on Sept. 13.

Khator has done great work with the tuition promise and more housing which has led to improved graduation rates.

I clicked on the app in the OP and it has a box on the right that you can donate thru and it has an option to make it recurring monthly or annually. Just to be sure, I went ahead and clicked the annually button and I won’t even have to think about it, it will automatically be charged every year. You can select whatever you wish and make it easy on yourself. That’s pretty easy, and let’s face it, we blow a lot on a lot of nothing, may as well help out a good cause.


Thanks Red80 and OneCoog for encouragement.

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