Amazon Smile

(David) #1

If anyone on here is an Amazon shopper, you should consider using Amazon Smile. For each purchase, Amazon will donate a percentage of the purchase to an organization of your choosing. It may not be much but if a lot of people do this, it can add up.


I have started using it, the website is Its not much but it is more than nothing.

(Dustin K) #3

I’ve been using it for a while too. I didn’t look for UH to be on there as I already give to them. Has anyone looked to see if we’re on there?

(David) #4

My donation goes to the University of Houston Foundation.

(Dustin K) #5

Is the foundation independent from the University?

(David) #6

I’m not sure. This is the mission statement on Amazon site. Mission: University of Houston Foundation provides program support to University of Houston System for various scholarship and educational programs.


My money also goes to the University of Houston Foundation. There are other University of Houston groups but I chose this one because it supports the entire university and not just one school or group.