American Athletic Conference looking outside the box for next TV deal?

I just looked into this after reading your post. All the ESPN channels, Fox Sports channels, NBCS, CSN Local and my local TV channels for Bears/Hawks and White Sox games. I don’t need Root Sports - not an issue in the Midwest. Also has AMC for TWD, FTWD and Better Call Saul.

I think I’m going to do the Vue thing. I hate “renting” the equipment from my local cable company.

“To the future!”

Not to get too far off topic but I agree that if you need more than 1 or 2 of those services, then you may not come out ahead. I don’t watch many movies and prefer to have fewer channels but those that I might actually watch. I am keeping UVerse Basic package to hold onto the receiver/dvr until I get caught up on my recorded show watching but the $24 package ends up costing over $40 after adding in 2 receivers, HD fee, taxes, uplift, ad valorem, sales tax, tip, and whatever else is thrown in there… For $30 and a HD antenna, I get all of the channels I need from Vue/Fire. Everyone is going to be different.

I just hope the day is coming where I can go out to CBS Sports and pay a small fee to watch an individual UH basketball or football game without a monthly commitment.

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Internet is a wash.
Who doesn’t have Internet access at home? You are going to pay for that regardless. I was paying $75 for u-verse Internet access for 20 down/2 up and $150 for Directv. I switched to Comcast internet for $75 and get 180 down and 22 up. Sling $25, NF $9 Hulu $11 + digital antenna for local. Still cheaper than the $225 I was paying before the basically the same 10 channels I was watching in my 350 channel directv package.

Cutting the cord might not work if you have kids but its just me and I’m doing fine saving money cutting the cord. I actually watch less TV now. I probably binge watch shows on NF/Hulu more.

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