An ambitious president. A Houston university set on change. And the 10 years that elevated them both

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Dr. Khator is a rock star President. I have seen her and her husband walk onto the field at a football game and get a standing ovation. early on I had a friend from Ole Miss make a comment about how much money she was getting paid fully expecting me to be defensive about it. Instead I turned to him and said " so what, she’s worth it." That ended the conversation.

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“In 2027, the university will complete its (first) hundred years,” she said. “It would be a dream come true to be there for the 100th.”

Yes, please.

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Building a 'Powerhouse’

Students, alumni reflect on a changing University of Houston as Renu Khator hits 10-year mark

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Here’s how Khator says she describes Houston to outsiders today, 10 years into her job leading the city’s largest university.

“Houston may not be on your radar as a tourism destination, but Houston is a wonderful city to live in. The city is not necessarily dressed up for visitors. The city is there for people who live there. It is a kind city, it is a very generous city, it is a friendly city.

“It is a cohesive city, despite all of its diversity. I tell people, you can think about sports, you can think about food, you can think about arts. You can think about cultural experiences. Everything is available right here in Houston.

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