Angela Harris in NCAA transfer portal

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Angela Harris has entered the NCAA transfer portal. She’s set to graduate, I think, in August.

Berman tweeted about it. (I don’t know how to post the embedded code here.)


Here ya go. Not all that surprising.


Was she any good @pesik


She was seen as our second best player

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Angela was fantastic and will be missed. She kept this team afloat after the Jazz Harris drama this past season and never waivered or seemed to complain. Her family was also huge supporters and some of the most vocal in the stands.

Sad to see her go.

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Angela Harris: “It was hard to make this decision; but, for me and my family, it felt like this is a decision that had to be made.”

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Ouch…that last comment in that article hurts. She wants a sure tourney berth and she doesn’t think UH is a sure thing.

Wish her all the luck. She’s a Coog and she’s been great here.


She’s right, tho.


“But, when the opportunity arose for me to play in a bigger conference, it’s hard to pass up.”

“I’m just looking for a school that, of course, has a chance to make the (NCAA) Tournament. I’m not leaving the University of Houston to not play in the Tournament; so, that’s pretty much it.”

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Graduates in 3 yrs. How can you not wish her the best. Best of luck to you Angela.

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I wish her the best and continue to hope the Cougars will make some noise soon and go to the playoffs…if it were the men’s basketball coach fans would be calling for the coach’s head…hopefully we turn this thing around in a weak conference pretty soon. And by weak I am not including you know who LOL


Playoffs ???

(Butch) #14

yes, the NCAA dance but would settle for NIT or anything else at this point. And why wouldn’t anything that goes beyond the regular season and conference playoffs not be called a playoff?


Honestly, with the added size & talent, UH was primed to make a run at an NCAA tournament berth this upcoming year. It’s worrisome for a player like Harris to leave for greener pastures. The countdown for CRH as our coach starts now if they don’t show significant progress this year up.

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UH has reached the Postseason WNIT the last 2 seasons: lost in the first round both times. The team lost 5 straight games to end each of the last 2 seasons.