Announced attendance prediction for Lamar-- GO

(J V ) #21

I guess we can expect empty premium seats on TV all season, almost impossible to see where the students are seated.


Students aren’t seated. :slightly_smiling_face:


Crowd any better?


Almost mediocre.


I’m tired and worn out talking about attendance with football and now basketball our alumni and city of Houston suck!!


Well, don’t. :no_mouth:

We’re building something here, I think. But there’s work to be done.

(Cougarpad) #27

Last year was our first NCAA tournament win since Phi Slamma Jamma. The program has been trash for over 20 years. Attendance is going to take time to pick back up. The team is starting to finally show some consistency. Just keep winning and they will come. On a side note we have only averaged over 7,000 fans 5 times in program history. That is based on the UH athletic website numbers.



This times a million.

(YaW00CougarFootball) #29

Keep protecting home court! Before you know it, people will come, Houston is a winners town. The bandwagon for the Rockets is bone dry, time for the sports marketing department to put in some work! I haven’t seen a billboard promoting this team or the new arena anywhere in Houston. When Judas was here, there were billboards along the West Loop promoting the football team!

(Jimmy Morris) #30

official is 5587

(Jimmy Morris) #31

Off by 8. Chester is going to let you grab $100 out of his pocket at the next game for getting within 10.

(Tom Green) #32

Just from watching on ESPN3 I say there was somewhere around 3-3.5k there ? Maybeeeee!!!

(Jimmy Morris) #33

If you include the band and the arena staff. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tom Green) #34

congrats CMCOOG I’ll be at LSU gm and yell for you right b4 tip off n see if I can get you a coke !!

(Tom Green) #35

Oh of course I was including them. Cougar Brass has the fullest and loudest section it seems !! :joy::grin:

(Jimmy Morris) #36

Yeah, students and brass bringing the noise. It was a lot less than half full but probably more than 1/3 so 3k actual attendance is probably realistic. Twice the amount we would have had for Lamar on a Tuesday night 2 years ago but a tiny bit disappointing for a 6-0 (now 7-0) tourney team in the second game of a brand new arena.

(Tom Green) #37

Basketball will really start picking up in Jan. . Not only will conf play start but the avg fan will gain interest as well. I be very surprised if there was a conf gm w less than 4.5k actual butts in the seats, maybe an exception being ECU but it will get better. Have a good year and I can see them picking up 500-1000 additional season ticket members for 2019/2020. #BabySteps


Ain’t no way it was more 2,000 people there tonight. Embarrassing…

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