Any streaming for paradise jam tournament?

(Russel ) #1

Anyone know if it will be on YouTube or there website? Thanks!

(Patrick) #2

It will be available through but you have to pay a subscription fee of either $30 for a month or $150 for a full year.

(Jimmy Morris) #3

I will be watching site to see if anyone picks up the broadcast and streams it.

(Marcus) #4

It’s not tv but looks like 950am will have the radio broadcast.



first row sports working for anyone? Not working for me…

(Jimmy Morris) #7

It was just a place holder. It was more of a wait 'n see. The odds that one of the streamers had an account with was pretty low.


i just checked all paradise games are on flosports :-/

(J V ) #9

Got the stream, will cancel when the tournament is over.


No one would blame you if you went ahead and cancelled it today.

(J V ) #11

That was brutal to watch


I bet, about the same through Branham.

In all seriousness though, how was the streaming quality? Had we won today I planned on getting it for the rest of the weekend.

(J V ) #13

It was serviceable.