AP Poll - #26

We’re also the first team listed under receiving votes in the AP Poll with 65


Other G5:
17 Western Michigan
24 Boise State
SDSU - 21 Votes
Troy - 20 Votes
USF - 10 Votes
Troy - 5 Votes (edit: Wyoming not Troy)
Tulsa - 3 Votes

So Troy has 25 votes?

No, I’m an idiot and was typing too fast :confounded:. Wyoming should be the one with 5 votes.

Sorry about that.

Besides the the CFP ranking every poll is meaningless. I will add that don’t be surprised if Washington is belittle by the CFP.
All of the small12 stinking snub played a huge role in our season. It is unfortunate but that is a fact imo. The Coaching staff, players or our leaders won’t admit.We all know as soon as the no expansions leaks started the "air was out of the balloon.
The most important thing for us is what’s coming in the next few weeks/months.
#1 Will we be able to retain CTH?
#2 Will we be able to recruit top players like Oliver in the off season?
Getting these answers will tell us what the next year or so will be. I have all of the confidence in CTH and his staff to recruit and get us back to a top ten ranking.


Composite rankings have tOSU as #4 and UDub as #5.

Regarding landing Big Ed, it didn’t hurt to have Marcus Oliver on the team. Need more Wilder, Lark, Stevenson, Allen, etc. recruits as well. Great transfers and four stars.

Not getting into the little 10 should not have affected this staff. If it did, then they were not doing their jobs. Houston was never going to get invited, in fact i stated beforehand there would be no expansion. Now bring on the unicorns and rainbows!


14 - 1
15 - 1
17 - 1
20 - 1
21 - 1
22 - 1
23 - 2
24 - 1
25 - 4
Unranked - 49

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