Applewhite on 790 Tuesday morning at 8:30 AM

Any new announcements re staff or recruits? Thanks.

Haven’t listened, but here’s the link to it:

He mentions that the two biggest hires for his staff will be DC and OL coach. He wants to get it done right instead of now.
Emphasizes that he wants coaches that are hungry and are great at recruiting.

He talks about some of the recruits that have left…basically he says some of them have been mutual because you find out about things that you don’t want at your program.

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This comes off as sour grapes. Is it a coincidence that the players who decommited also happened to be our most highly rated players with a number of P5 offers? Seems fishy to me.

I think he may only be referring to a certain Olinemen from SA. The other players have made their decision to depart. They were committed to the HC, not the University. There is nothing fishy about that.

I really like what CMA said about not rushing to get the O-line coach or DC. Stressed the importance of those two hires. He said he is less concerned about the timing of the hires than he is about the right hires. Patience will serve the program well.


But…I thought AJ Ricker was supposed to be the O-Line coach. His Twitter handle says Offensive assistant. hmmm…

This may have something to do with his hiring.

I’ve heard the player that decommitted the same day as that player, and who had an article in the Chron written about his change of heart this past weekend, was also a mutual decision.

Didn’t know that. It has been four decommits since the dead period, correct?

I believe so.

I heard that They were worried that Young would turn into a Tyreik Gray situation if he came and didn’t play right away. Problem is, we’re stacked at RB right now and already had Grace coming in (hopefully). Felt it was best for the player and the program if they let him go with Meekins. Kid was trying to be loyal though so no hard feelings.

The other situation, even with the poster who came here saying differently, was a mom situation from everything I heard. Can’t have parents publicly calling out your head coach (especially when they’ve never met). Kid can go to an Ivy League school and probably should.


Only thing about Ivy League is the cost. If his family makes under $90K, he’ll get plenty of grants and the only “hardship” is having to play a sport 20+ hours a week. However, many Ivy students also play a sport.

If the family makes more than $250-300K, they can afford the cost, and if they make $90-150K, the cost can be substantial.

You have to clue me in on what that 2 year old article has to do with his status currently. From all I have seen, he has been collecting unemployment for a very long time now.

Even though his twitter status says offensive assistant (not OL coach), the UH website says he isn’t a coach yet. Maybe Johnson said he wants to hire an assistant himself? For the record Ricker hasn’t retweeted anything from UH Football since Dec. 13th.

The article I posted states “Ricker, who started 47 consecutive games at center for Missouri from 2000-03 and played three seasons under Pinkel, also received a “hiring incentive” worth $32,820.63. He must remain on staff with the Tigers for two seasons or repay all or part of that signing bonus.”

I’m not sure how contracts work, but since its hard to say if he was fired from Missouri and since he didn’t coach a game at Illinois paying back that hiring incentive may still be a factor.

Again, that article was in Sept 2014 for a contract he signed that June. Two seasons would be 2014 and 2015. Even if it was 2015 & 2016, their season ended over a month ago. So I doubt he is holding out on signing with the Coogs because of a $32k bonus he received over 2/12 years ago.

I don’t think he’s still on Missouri’s staff though…

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I feel like I’m watching Zoolander.

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Just getting around to listening and the above is a good round up. thanks Eric.

Does also mention that Postma and King will be out most of the spring and that Sells and Allen will get all the reps. Excited for the competition.

Goes over what he learned from Mack Brown and Tom Herman. Says that Brown was a player’s coach and it was all about the players. Herman knew when to keep it loose; very intense at times, but also knew when to relax.

Asks if he can be on every week, says its great. Both Matt and Lance said that they’re Team Major (over Chris Simms) which gets a chuckle out of Major. Guys say that they’ll talk to him in the fall.

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Healthy competition is one of the ingredients that makes a Team win. We all know what we need. First and foremost I want to see a passionate/focused Team. We were grossly inconsistent both on offense and defense. Remember that keeping an existing Coach does bring familiarity but Major’s personal touch will make the difference. The difference between an Assistant and a Head Coach is as wide as the Grand Canyon. Let’s have faith in Major and have a full stadium. That will hugely help him and the entire Team. This is where the marketing/promotion department needs to step in a major league way.


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