Applewhite’s first MAJOR win?

(Eric Prado) #1

Someone mentioned in another thread that Levine never had any big wins.

Does today’s win separate CMA from Levine?


we were favored to win this game so no it is not a signature win. It is a good win in conference but a signature win is an Oklahoma or Louisville.

(Chris) #3

We have had a very sub-par running game. We got one tonight. I won’t say big win but this is the first step to building a dominant Team. Remember, it is one chapter at a time.


This win means more to me than the Arizona win. F*** SMU. I cannot stand losing to them.


Every team that we have played except for Rice, their only losses are to ranked teams and UH. It was a very nice win

(Patrick) #6

I think a signature win would come against a ranked team.

USF would be a good one.


SMU wasn’t a major win, but it was an important win.

(Jimmy Morris) #8

I’d describe it as a promising win.

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

It’s a good win, but not even close to a major win. Any game where we are double digit favorites cannot be a major win. Memphis would be bigger, and USF on the road would be a major win.


Not a signature win but his best win so far.


I agree with the rest, love beating SmU but it’s not a signature win.

(PMM) #12

Wow !! What a goal !

SMU has no defense.


They were 4-1 coming into the game


They were 4-1 based on four easy wins. TCU and UH have beaten them. I guess that means we are as good as TCU :slight_smile:

(Jimmy Morris) #15

That’s pretty impressive. Leading the nation in sacks with no defense that is. Quite a trick.

(Ben B) #16

I would be there with you if we actually had the same record. TCU hasn’t lost a game yet.

(Monte P Gilliam) #17

We were 4 point favorites. It was a revenge game win and a great win over a very good well coached team. People who insist on ranking the wins will have to wait till season’s end to see how SMU does. If SMU goes 10-2, and our win keeps them out of the championship, then the win would be huge. If SMU goes 7-5, then maybe not so much.It was a real good win, and the Arizona win will turn out to be a real good win, too.

(Brad) #18

But wasn’t it a “Major” win?

Don’t worry, I’ll be here all night.


Okay, it was a “Major” win but it was not a signature win.


If they go 2-1 over the next 3 games I’ll be on board with CMA.

If they somehow go 3-0 then this board will meltdown when the inevitable CMA to [insert P5 program] rumors start flying around the interwebs.