Are The Players As Excited As The Old Timers?

Playing Baylor in the season opener has not happened since 1976 when we travelled to Waco and upset the Bears in our very first Southwest Conference football game. That was a special season, winning the SWC and the Cotton Bowl when no one thought that was even worth considering. So opening with Baylor there has a lot of symbolic value for me and I’m sure for other Coogs who remember that game/season. Do our current players and coaches know about that history? Going to Waco and putting another win on them would be a great way to start what could be another special season.


From everything i have seen I would say yes. I heard Dana brought in Klingler and Andre in to speak to the team.


The players are excited, but most of their parents were either not yet born or were small kids in 1976. I doubt that past history means anything to most of them.


I’m excited myself… but I would think the players are excited because it’s a pretty decent opponent.


Baylor is a regional P-5 opponent, so I would hope that all UH football fans would be excited.


1976? Damn, my parents were 13-15 at that time. A few decades before my time.


They are beyond excited for this game! I was 11 in 1976 and I remember a lot of SWC games being from an Aggie family. It’s a good start to the season.


When that game was played I had been married just over a year and the first of my kids was still 4 years away.


Back in the mid 1990s we were reminiscing about what we were doing when Kennedy was shot and a young engineer said her parents hadn’t met yet. :blush:


I graduated from UH in Dec. '74, got married in May '75 (on the 100th anniversary of the 1st Kentucky Derby), and we made it to most of the UH FB games in 1976 including the glorious UH-UT 30-0 “Dad’s Day Massacre” over in Austin. But, we did not make it up to Waco for the (SWC opening) UH-Baylor game that year or up to Lubbock for the (SWC Championship clinching) UH-TT game either.

My brother and I went up to Lubbock in 2018 to revisit the UH-TT rivalry and we plan to be up in Waco this Saturday to revisit the UH-BU rivalry.

Here’s to making some more great UH memories and to the best of times! Go Coogs!!!


For the record…

The last game we played with Baylor was on October 14, 1995. We lost 47-7.

Our W/L history is 13-14-1. We have lost 4 of the last 5 match ups with Baylor.

It’s time for UH to win the game and tie the series.

Go Coogs!!


I hope Aranda pulls a Grant Teaff and eats worms in the locker room…
I hope we make them eat other things too…

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Excuse me if your parents were 13 in 1976 that does not make them old.

That makes them my age.


Thank you for sharing.

baylor’s players and ours are usually from Texas. I have not looked closely at both rosters. However it is very common that one player playing on one team played H-S with his game day opponent. That is why inter state rivalries are so awesome.
The ideal world would have a SWC 2.0 with no influence coming from you know who. This is what college football should be all about.


I was 16. Still not old.

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I got married july 75, attended the 30-0 Dad’s Day Massacre also. Spent the Baylor game on the phone with a buddy while we both watched the game on our respective TVs

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When that game was played in 1976, I was 29 and in my first semester of night school at UH.


I was there, and remember when we stopped in a Waco cafe to eat lunch before the game, all the locals told us how sorry they were for us because of how bad Baylor was going to whip our ass…We’ll just see about that, was our ready answer…That was the hottest game i have EVER been to…it felt like 120 degrees up in those packed stands…We fell behind at halftime by the odd score of 5-0. Then blew them out in the second half and won 23-5. I am hoping for a similar joyful outcome on Saturday!


Derek and Terrell Bernard from Baylor played against each other in HS and became close friends. They went through camps together and the Nike combine. He got Bernard to commit to UH class of 2017, but he left when the coaching changes happened. I am glad to see he is shining at BU, he’s a great all around kid.


Great point Gienna.

I will write countless times. College football has always been about local rivalries. Families had and should have countless, passionate family discussions because little Jimmy went to baylor while big time Max went to U of H. It’s fun, passionate and makes it timeless.

The P5’s have created a league of their own excluding the core of what college sports is all about if played in the same division. DIV I football that is. College sport is about ANY team that play in DIV I have a chance to win, to compete for the ultimate prize. The prize to call yourself National Champion.
NCAA football should not be modeled after the NFL franchise concept.
A baylor u vs, U of H is all about local rivalries
A baylor vs. WV is the exact opposite. WV belongs on an East coast conference not in the big12.


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