Are there still plans for a indoor tennis facility?

(Cougarpad) #1

A few years ago UH tennis was going to partner with the Zina Garrison Foundation for a shared Tennis facility. One of the objectives was to build a indoor facility. The partnership fell through, but are their still plans to build some indoor courts for thr UH team? There is the grassy hill behind the baseball field that would be a great spot. With the super heat and rainy weather we get in Houston, I am sure a indoor facility would be usefull. I wouldnt think it would be to expensive to put an air conditioned prefab structure over three courts. Plus would be plus for recruiting.

(Patrick) #2

I think the plans got put on hold after the partnership fell through.

They just remodeled the outdoor courts last year so it’s possible the project gets picked back up in the near future depending on donations.

(Cougarpad) #3

My question is the current facility enough for recruiting. If you look at the conference programs like Tulsa and SMU, they have better facilities. Event Rice has a tennis facility way ahead of ours. They really need to utilize the big green berm area and the other run-down tennis courts. Also, the spectator area needs to be expanded. I was at a match yesterday, and the far court in the corner of the facility is blocked out from the spectator area. It is a shame thing fell through with the Zina Garrison Foundation. I also want to add in general it be a good addition to update all the locker rooms in the Athletic center to nice wood lockers, so the athletes do not feel like they are still in high school. I think just football has the nice lockers in the facility.

(Patrick) #4

It probably isn’t enough over time.