Aresco says show me the money for next TV contract

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Hope it’s true:

Here’s the full audio from his interview;:

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Brief Recap of the interview if you can’t listen:

  • Mentions the basketball tourney moving to Memphis for a year and then onto Ft Worth after that.
  • Mentions that the Conference offices are moving to Dallas around the same time they get to Ft Worth
  • Says that he supports UCF’s claim to the national championship
  • Thinks that UCF could have won the championship if it was in the Playoff
  • Not happy that UCF isn’t ranked high in preseason polls, same old story
  • Mentions that the “name” national writers are still pushing the P5
  • Continues to ask these writers to cover us and give us our due
  • Committee has to look at our conference differently based off what we’ve done the last 5 years
  • Want to be an autonomous conference along with the other “P5”
  • Feel academics and athletics are being hurt because of the “G5” label
  • No defined way to join “P5”, have to have support from those 5 conferences
  • Deal for an automatic berth in a NY6 bowl for the conference will happen before 2025 -:flushed:
  • Believes we are valuable and it will be reflected in the marketplace. Won’t make B1G or SEC money, but should be in the conversation with other P5s
  • Deal isn’t being negotiated right now, will probably be later this year with ESPN and then on the open market next year if they can’t come to a deal with ESPN
  • Outrated the Pac-12 championship this past year
  • Conference will be the fly in the ointment for the CFP over the next few years
  • Not thinking about expansion at this point; not enough value in any of the options out west
  • No plans to add any other basketball schools; don’t want to go back to the Big East model


I have 0 confidence on his ability to work a good TV deal. Put Mrs. Khator in charge of the negotiations and my confidence goes way, way up.

As for the College Football Pretend Championship, y’all know where I stand.


I believe Dr Khator is taking a leadership role in the negotiations:

Quick google to verify. If anyone else has further insight, that would be cool

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aresco has no credibility & he needs to go.Yesterday he “put down” his own conference and downplayed UCF accomplishments. This week he is saying the opposite. The AAC needs to find a new leader that has the best interest of the AAC. He demonstrated without a doubt that he is a lackey of the P5’s and espn.

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Before we throw the baby out with the bath water let’s see what Aresco gets for our next tv contract. He needs to keep us in th 10-15 million range.

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I am sorry but when our own commissioner comes out the way he did a few months ago this is telling me we need new leadership. It is easy to proclaim that we are a P6 when you say the exact opposite.
Frankly it does not matter. Our aim is to re-join a P5. Anything else is detrimental to our future. We can’t sustain the expenses that we are incurring. How much are we relying on Mr. Fertitta? How many multiple major economical figures do we have? I do believe that this would help us gain access into a P5. I have no clues how involved the following figures are…apart from John Moores.

Randa Williams, $5.5Bl worth and the following:

I have all the confidence in Chris Pezman, Mr. Fertitta and Mrs. Khator to lead us to the next level. IMO, It would be very beneficial if we could hear from others.

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In regards to Mr Aresco, it must be noted that he is a representative of the school presidents. We would not be in this current TV deal if the presidents had opposed it. His job is to do their will.

If you don’t like the TV contract, the schools in the conference, or our position in the conference - don’t look at Mike Aresco - look at the presidents.


We will have a much better contract this time around. The AAC is proving to be a pretty decent draw and it is willing to take non traditional time slots.

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You are right that he represents the AAC Presidents. At the same time how could they be happy with what he said a few months ago?

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It might be why he walked back some of his initial comments.

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Oh Aresco got credit not money? OKAY

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Getting down to nuts and bolts we’re still a top heavy conference. Each year we have three teams assert themselves, a few fair to middlin’, and three that suck bath water.

When our bottom four start having winning records and winning OOC we might get respect as a conference.

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Unfortunately, you’re correct. Too much dead weight in the conference right now. Really need UCONN, Tulane, Tulsa, and ECU to at least gain some respectability. Tulane seems to be going in the right direction, just need the other three now. Also need SMU not to fall back into irrelevance.


Every conference not named the SEC is like that as well.

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I get your point, but we need our poor teams to at least show some semblance of respectability. Going off the Orlando Sentinel Rankings of teams 100-129 in their rankings, it breaks down by conference:
CUSA - 5
Sun Belt - 5
MWC - 5
MAC - 4
American - 4
Pac 12 - 2
ACC - 1
B1G - 1
Big 12 - 1
SEC - 1
Independent - 1

It would be nice to get that number down to 2 or 3 prior to each season to show some separation between us and the other conferences. This is usually where we run into issues when it comes to arguing for a spot in the playoffs as our best teams are playing 2-4 teams on par with Kansas every season in conference.

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Looks like this ranking was done based on being in a P5 or NOT being in a P5 !!

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