Arkansas vs UCONN

(Marcus) #1

Our opponent Saturday just throttled UCONN 102-67. Are they that good or is UCONN that bad?


There is a previous thread about Arkansas. They are the real deal this year. We are going to find out how good we are.

(Patrick) #3

They’ve got talent and shot lights out (60% from the field, 11-19 from 3). They did get handled by UNC in the previous game by 19 points, but they are a tourney team the way they’ve looked so far.

UCONN is a tough read. They haven’t exactly dominated anyone yet except for Boston U, but opened this tourney with a win over Oregon in Portland before getting drilled by Mich State and Arkansas in back-to-back games. I’m not sure they’re much better than last year.

(Drew) #4

UCONN was down by 15 at half to Columbia and came back to win by 4. Columbia is a 1-5 Ivy League school.

Then again, this is college basketball where anyone can have an off night. There were 2 top 25 teams from P5 conferences that squeaked out wins over opponents they were supposed to dominate, on paper.

(PMM) #5

NO last night gave us fits with their tight man to man defense for the whole game.

Arkansas does that full court.

Let’t See how we handle it.