Armed Forces Bowl Attendance


I saw Rudy Davalos at the last Armed Forces bowl. He seemed happy with his work at UH…


Just stay in Fort Worth and problem solved!

(Steve O'Keefe) #23

Army RB

(Robert Cahill) #24

After work on Friday, I’m heading up to the Armed Forces Bowl with my wife and adult son. It should be a lot of fun and we plan to hit a museum as well. If you see someone with a big 8 foot by 2 1/2 foot “Go Coogs” banner, it’s me. Go Coogs! eat Em Up!

(Thomas Hitchcock) #25

Me and two others in the club…not feeezing this time.


Just a note - the field of play is not visible from the club. I checked with the AF Bowl Ticket Manager. I guess it’s a place to duck in and out of if cold.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #27

Looking st the 3D viewer it looks like there are a few spots where you can view the field from the club


Good. I did speak directly with the AF Bowl ticket manager and she told me there was no view of field from inside the club. Just passing along what she told me.


You might double check that because I sat in an area called the club the last time we were there and you could definitely see the field. There was seating along the glass that over looked the field and a big buffet hosted by McDonnell Douglas.
There also about 10 rows of seats outside the club.


I’ll check back with her Monday. Not good that she’s providing bad information. She told me that seating for Champions Club was outdoors in the stadium. That your ticket allowed access into the club for a free buffet and cash bar. But she told me there was no view of the field from inside the club. We based our ticket decision on that. Thanks!

(Chris Vaughan) #31

Correct, you have to go to outside seats to see. Food is good. On the small side. You’ll meet some famous Generals in there. We met Patreus one time. Seats don’t get sun until later afternoon so bundle warmly


Just ordered my tickets, so add three more to the list of those going.


If they lose to army they should fire Applewhite on the spot.

(Ben) #34

If you spend a few minutes watching Army right now, you will get a good glimpse into what UH will be in for in two weeks . . . . . up the middle, up the middle, up the middle, pound, pound, pound . . . . . Army averages 35 minutes a game on O, we average less than 25 minutes on D per game. Our D will be tired, exhausted, worn out. Thin now, maybe non existent following the first half . . . . . hate this sort of reality . . . . .

(sphinx drummond) #35

I’ll be there.


I think we had one bowl game in Dallas with decent weather and that was almost 40 years ago.

(sphinx drummond) #37

When we played Flutie and Boston College, it was drizzling and in the 30s.


The weather was very nice for the Nebraska Cotton Bowl.


The weather for the Cotton Bowl game against Nebraska wasn’t too bad.

Also, the weather for that Bowl game against Penn State wasn’t bad either.


Forecast for dec 22, high 53 clear skies so no worries or excuses