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Transfer from old dominion. Was teammate of bria patterson at desoto. Add her to young from LSU we will be alright for 2021

How many years have we been saying this? What is all right anyway? Finishing third in a bad conference, to me, is not ok

This team was a win away from getting an at large bid to the ncaa tournament. That regular season loss to cincinati after beating USF killed them. That would have made 3 teams out of the AAC making the tournament. What i meant by alright is our transfer gains IMHO outweight the transfer losses. To me with the team hughey has for 2021, there should be a real expectation to 1. Get ranked in top 25, 2. Make the ncaa tournament 3. Win the conference. If he doesnt do at least 2 of the 3, i would move on from him. This would be year 8. He has no more excuses. If he doesn’t get it done i would look at an assistant from a program like baylor, texas or texas a&m. With our facilities, location, recruiting area, this would be a hot job if it came up.

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Well Butch… It’s women’s college basketball, they take a backseat to the two major sports. That’s why we’re disappointed with Holgi. Dude gets $4 million a year for 4 wins a year. Hopefully, he turns it around!

I haven’t been to a women’s game since they quit playing before the men’s games many years ago lol.
But like everyone else I want to see all UH teams do good.
And since the 4 mil doesn’t come out of our pockets I am willing to give Holgy a chance to establish the program.
We need to win and we need stability. We have a chance to accomplish both

I understand. But that doesn’t mean we should be sastify with a shitty product. Go Coogs

With our crappy lack of support not sure we have many options right now. It’s going to take awhile to get over the damage Herman and Applewhite did

Herman hasn’t been in campus for like 5 years ? Give or take. With as bad Applewhite was he was still able to reel in 8 wins in his last “awful” season here.

And as far as crappy lack of support… Our facilities have gotten better because of Herman’s contract language and the UH administration is behind Holgi after given him $4 million per year contract for like what ? 5 years off the bat.

How much more support does he need lol.

Lol the Herman effect lingers on. Applewhite’s loss to Army helped to destroy recruiting.
And then Holgersen had to come in during a pandemic to put Humpty Dumpty together again.
I don’t like his antics but gee whiz give him a chance to build the program. This isn’t like hoops where a couple of players can turn the program around

It all evens out with what he brought to campus than not lol. It’s been more than a full class since he’s been in campus. I’m just happy he brought us the biggest win in who knows how long (Peach Bowl vs Fla St)

I treat my former coaches like I treat my exes, think about the good with bad for a while but don’t let her memory linger over you for years.

Not healthy lol.

Btw, losing to Army didn’t destroyed our recruiting lol Not winning did. Our recruiting has taken a dive since the 2016 class.

I know you bleed UH and back up whoever the coach is but how about we give coach Hughey the same amount of love after having a winning season and coming so close to making it to the NCAA tournament. Right ?!

The guy doesn’t even make 1/4 of what Coach Holgi makes for Christ Sake.

How many years has Hughey been here. I think he is a good a person and my only hope is that he turns the program into a powerhouse. Same for baseball and the rest of our programs.
But still football is the toughest to turn around due to being G5.

I mean if you’re going to hold him to that standard, no team at UH without the exception of men’s basketball is considered a “powerhouse” bubba lol

I’ll I know is he turned it around this past season and he’s trending upwards with two excellent transfers who can start in the offseason. With UH budget for women’s basketball who can they bring in to make us a powerhouse lol.

Baseball is hard too because of the amount of ships a program can give out. G5 is just a narrative a channel like ESPN makes up.

Having a good QB disguises a lot of your deficiencies in your football roster.

Prime example: Greg Ward & Case Keenum. We where recruiting the same type of athlete back then. We just had better coaches developing them.

Go Coogs

Have a nice day, Butchy.

Will do Beasty

Our track and field program is among the best in the nation and can be considered a “powerhouse” Speed City…

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