Astros in the Playoffs

(Patrick) #1

Love baseball and love the Astros. Beat the Red Sox!!!

(Patrick) #2

(Patrick) #3

(Patrick) #4

Back to back homers from Bergman and Altuve in the 1st puts the 'stros up 2-0.

(Patrick) #5

Marvin with a big hit makes it 4-2 in the 4th

(Patrick) #6

Altuve with another jack to make it 5-2.

(Patrick) #7

(Patrick) #8

McCann drives in 2 in the 6th and its 7-2. Sale out of the game.

(Patrick) #9

Altuve hits another…8-2 Astros in the 7th.

1st Astro ever.

(Patrick) #10

Astros win game 1, 8-2!

(Patrick) #11

(Patrick) #12

2 run jack by Correa in the first.

(Patrick) #13

Boom, Springer, 3-1 in the third

(Patrick) #14

Altuve drives in Bergman. 4-1 Astros.

Pomeranz outin the 3rd.

(Patrick) #15

Flood gates opening as Astros score 4 more in the 6th. Now 8-1.

(Patrick) #16

Astros win! 8-2

(Patrick) #17

Astros wasting no time in Game 3, Correa just hit a 2 run bomb to make it 3-0 in the first.

(Patrick) #18

(Eric Prado) #19

This is why I don’t bother rooting for Houston pro sports.

Why would you put an All-Star starter pitch in a relief situation. Pro players are creatures of habit. Terrible managerial decision.

(Ben) #20

Still feel the same way 5 hours later ? ? ? ? ?