At this point, I wouldn't mind a new coach

Two big wins doesn’t make up for a season of coaching rumors and losses to SMU and Memphis.


Calm yourself. Memphis is a good football team. They’re certainly NOT SMU.

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Memphis is a great team. it showed today. our coach just needs to grow some balls, commit to our program, and stop fishing for more money.


Last time I checked, Herman is under contract. He can’t control all of these twitter bastards tweeting crap to stir things up


Under contract means nothing in college football. The one way he could have controlled is to say, I’m not going anywhere. So he obviously is interested. We will know shortly, and though it will be disappointing if he leaves, we will go on…


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Memphis has a first year head coach and first year offensive coordinator that had one win against a winning team this year. A 7 point win at home against Temple was their marquee win before today.

You know what shuts it up? Signing a contract with a huge buyout to ensure fans, players and recruits that show you mean to stay.

At this point as long as we are relegated to second tier status, if we are good, our coach will be poached or the subject of poaching rumors.

So getting another coach right now means one of two things:

  1. We are great, and we badgered constantly with rumors
  2. No coaching rumors, means we are mediocre in a mediocre league and sub 15000 crowds.

It’s sucks either way but I will take number 1 over number 2.


How quickly we forget home losses to Texas State, UTSA, and Tulane, and total irrelevancy on the national stage. I swear, our fans…

Are you actually saying as long as we do better than we did with a special teams coach for head coach that was getting paid $500k and was fired because of those losses, we shouldn’t complain about a coach that is the highest paid G5 coach, with the highest paid G5 assistants, losing 3 straight road games to conference opponents?

I’m not saying we should can the guy for crying out loud. I’m just saying, if he bolts, it’s not the end of the world.

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Good, bad, or indifferent… Go Cougars. See you in the Fall of 2017.

True that he can’t control others, but that guy in Ft. Worth nearly goes to blows when rumors of other jobs come up. He put rumors to bed rather quickly
& emphatically.

News for you. Herman was the one putting the LSU rumor out so UT would be pressured to move faster.

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Reporting today doesn’t seem to bear that out.

LSU had nothing to gain from leaking that considering they also had a game that day and were feeling pretty good with how LSU had been playing at that point. The only person that had anything to gain was Herman and seeing as our AD said LSU never approached them and Herman would always deny rumors that he said stuff like “UT is my dream job” and now says after “it’s not about the money” just goes to show he always was saying what some fans wanted to hear.

The saddest part about the whole thing, is that when many of us smelled smoke and started yelling “fire” because we remember it all before with Briles and Sumlin, others attacked us for believing he was long gone already. For guys like me, this announcement is closure, for the others there needs to be an addendum to the old saying. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I’m a gullible twat.


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