Basketball Dot Counters

In another thread, someone said that there were only about 100 tickets left for a season sellout, but that isn’t true. The seat selection tool is working properly again and there are still a good number of seats left. There are 214 tickets left in section 110 alone.
Having said that, just guessing, I would think we have already sold between80% to 85% of capacity. That pretty good since there wasn’t even a schedule out.

What I was said was that there were 109 seats with papers on them saying they were available for season ticket purchase at the game the other night in sections 106 thru 120. I counted that many and it is a fact. If there are more available, they did not have the papers on them saying they were available.

Does anyone know when single game tickets will be available?

That is what I am saying. There were many seats that didn’t have signs on them that are available.

Doesnt the school only allow a certain number of season tickets and the rest as single game tickets? I’m just curious because I also saw alot of upper seats available but not that many options at the scrimmage.

Their are a ton of season tickets available in my row and they had no signs on them at the scrimmage.