Baylor's Larry Fedora and his offense

Been reading up on Fedora’s offense. It’s good. He’s a good offensive coach.

This is probably the best piece I’ve found:

We should all remember him from that 2011 conference championship game. Still sick about that.


So. Miss was highly prepared for us and we were not prepared for them.


Why weren’t we prepared for them?



[quote - Why weren’t we prepared for them? - quote]

Everyone knows the answer… and it begins with Kevin Sumlin and ATM…


Talk about a great scouting report! I hope that CDH has this!

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If UH can somehow win this game, my hopes for the season are going to skyrocket.

Might Baylor be out toughest opponent?


Absolutely…the Bears were in the battle for a CFP a year ago before losing to OU twice. We will not face a better group of athletes this year unless we make it to a NY6 bowl…


BYU appears to be a very tough opponent.

Whaddya mean? Did Sumlin spend the whole week hitting up an ATM for cash instead of game planning? :wink:

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There’s so much we were bad last year, so we’ll probably be bad this year, and they were good last year, so they’ll probably be good this year, logic going on. That’s not how football works. Massive changes can throw a wrench in both of those arguments. Coogs should know all about how coaching changes can derail momentum, but I guess that type of logic only applies to us.

I can’t wait for Saturday for our boys to hush the doubters.


I too am very excited for this game and think it will be an excellent game…I think it will come down to the wire. We didn’t have the depth last year and it showed on both sides of the ball in the second half.
we should be much better with talent depth this year…that was the controversy last year…redshirting players and saving for this season with the added depth of the transfers coming online…and now with the covid free year…CDH looks like he had a crystal F’n ball


I don’t think Baylor is as good as BYU or Cincinnati
Memphis and UCF we will see


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