Best Impersonation of an Applewhite Offense goes to:

(G.W.) #1

KIRBY SMART! Congratulations Kirby! Your QB is tearing up the Bama D and gets you a 13 point lead going into the fourth quarter.

So you decide it is the perfect time to try to run the ball on 1st, 2nd, (and sometimes third and long) to burn clock. Result, 4 Three & Outs and Losing the Game!

Way to go, Kirby!


Baffling non-calls on blatant facemasks and after the whistle shoves to the QBs head certainly didn’t help.

(Mark Jacob) #3

Officials were constant on not calling those head shoves. UG did it repeatedly in first half and never got a flag.
Go Coogs.

(Monte P Gilliam) #4

last time i checked, Georgia had the lead in OT…play some flippin pass defense,on 2nd and 28, why dont you? Dont blame their offense for losing that game…

(G.W.) #5

I don’t really care who won…just watched because some company came over. But the refs really were killing UGA in the 3rd Q. I rewound that blocked punt and the ref anticipated the off-sides. That took away at least 3. Terrible officiating.

And way to give a 20 yard cushion in OT.


Every game has questionable calls. Admittedly, the referees officiated very poorly in a high profile game, but the key to BAMA’s victory was Nick Saban making the decision to start the Hawaiian freshman QB to start the second half. Brilliant, perhaps desparate decision, but it paid off which is why Saban will go down in history as the best college HC of all-time. He has six (6) national championships and counting. A NC for Georgia would have been a nice change, but I give credit to Saban for the decision and the win. His record is an incredible 218-62-1.


That blocked punt would have really changed the game, imo. Still, the correct call would have been a false start, which would have killed the play anyway.