Big Name Team with Triple Option

(G.W.) #1

I would have to believe that with the service academies’ recent success that a blue blood team that decided to go Triple Option could really roll over some competition.
GT runs it, but they are not getting the big boys like Nebraska once did.
I would bet a Michigan or Nebraska could win 11 regularly with that O.
And their D would be great.


Good luck trying to recruit 4-5 star prospects (prospective future NFL players) who would want to play in that kind of a non-NFL college offense.

(Monte P Gilliam) #3

Alabama and Oklahoma and Texas won national championships running the triple option. If they chose to do it again, 4 and 5 star players would fall all over themselves to sign like the always do anyway…It would have to be a big time program with major problems , like Nebraska…Nebraska has all kinds of problems competing now…I think a move like that could help them, but it will be up to Frost.


Michigan ran something similar under Rich Rod-spread option, and it was a disaster.

(G.W.) #5

Rich Rod’s O was nothing like a service academy triple option. It was closer to a Chip Kally O.