Big12/SEC Commis’: Houston very important to college athletics


Stop trotting out the “tier one” line. There are eight “tier one” universities in Texas alone. There are only three AAU members in Texas. AAU status carries a lot more weight.


AAU is a country club of schools that vote on new members or kick you out of the club if you don’t meet their changing requirements to be a member. Just ask Nebraska. Some non-AAU members have a better resume than some members.

I doubt if we ever get into this boys club. Even if you have all the requirements, they’ll move the bar higher, making it nearly impossible to join.

If we get into AAU great, but we don’t need to join a club to tell us our university is one of the best in the country.


If the big 10 wants to expand in football with only aau members then they can pick from:

Iowa State
North Carolina
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech

If they want into Texas with that criteria then only UT and Rice for that criteria.

Since AAU membership is simply by a vote then it doesn’t make logical sense for the big 10 to limit its scope to such an arbitrary method.


And, they won’t! Once they give up on uta, they will consider others in the state of Texas! Texas is not going anywhere that they cannot dominate - and that “ain’t” the BIG; they will probably stay where they are - or go Independent. Rice will never be considered; and that leaves UH as their only possibility in Texas!


Or they could decide not to expand.


I don’t see the B10 coming to Texas at all. If they were to take a B12 team, it would be OU. Definitely not UH…and I’m not a cynic

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Won’t include ESPN+.

There will probably be a bundle discount though


every expansion scenario has been talked about…next topic?

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It’s off-season. We got little else.

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People can say P5 all they want I think it is P3, ACC, B10, and SEC. Look at the football championships, CFP, and Final 4 representation. All 3 (as of Aug) will have a legit conference network that is on legit cable and people watch. LHN messed up the B12 big time and just exposes them as a 2-team league.

Conference Power to me means 2 things. You win and when you’re down a little bit you still get good attendance and ratings. The ACC is doing well at winning lately, the B10 will always pull ratings and attendance. The SEC is good at both.

Big picture disparity within the P5 is good for us because the B12/P12 will eventually make moves, including expansion, to close the gap. I think the P3 will expand other P5s, especially the SEC and B10, and that will leave seats at the table for us and other top AAC schools. It’s all a game of falling dominoes.


By your own metric the big 12 is part of your P level definition. So it would be the P4 and the PAC is left out.

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You do realize that the Big 12 is 3rd in revenue, quite a bit ahead of ACC and well ahead of PAC.


Here to say the Power (Autonomous) designation is not just perception, your own definition/criteria or the network deals, it is an actual NCAA designation, as I had posted elsewhere.

There are 5 Power conferences…officially.