Boise State tap dances on Oregon

(PortlandCoog) #1

If not for 2 defensive touchdowns this would have been a true blowout. Still can’t believe Taggart bolted after 1 year at a school that has endless money and facilities. Duck fans are pretty steamed. I guess we aren’t alone in the G5 with coaches bolting.

(G.W.) #2

And that was with BSU having THREE red zone turnovers (two returned for TDs). It could have just as easily been 38-0 or 41-0 in the first half.

Oregon did not even cross the 50 until midway through the 3rd quarter. Tell me again how the Power 5 are so much better than everyone else.


The top end of the G5 is better than 80% of the P5 schools.

(Monte P Gilliam) #4

51, that is a great truth that ESPN, other media and P5 schools try very hard to ignore.

(Butch) #5

Oregon looked like the last place it wanted to be was in that bowl game…kind of like us last year at San Diego State…


I may be wrong but I think as this bowl season goes on you’re going to find out that the pac-12 is not a very good conference this year. When your league champion usc has two notable out of conference games-one an overtime Home win over a 6-6 ut team and another a blowout loss to an extremely overrated notre dame team (49-14) who lost 3 games, that tells you all you need to know.