Boom amidst a pandemic - 2021 S Mark Wilson


Big-time get. A long way to December, though.


Yup. I wait until the fish is in the boat before I get too excited. But, Mr Wilson is a really good player and will be a great addition.


Not sure this means what you think it means. I mean, we’re all staying home right now. :wink:


Well I don’t think he’s joking. His Twitter page.


I hope coach goes for a lot more HS kids in '21 class. Needs to have huge year in recruiting. This is a great start.


Flipping through his twitter for a couple of minutes, and there appear to be several of his teammates that are getting good offers and at least one more that we’ve offered.

Wilson had several offers already before accepting ours, including Yale (and I point out to show he’s probably a very good student), and had some visits to some significant schools.

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Mike, are you implying that Yale has higher academic standards for their recruits?

A high school teammate of mine went to Yale on a baseball scholarship and yes, he earned it. Another went to Princeton for baseball.

The fact that Dana already has a commitment from a sought after DB, well before the summer, is a very good start.


I think nationally you’ll see quite a few kids stay close to home. Scary pandemics make you think about what’s most important in life.

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I hope so

He needs to keep going, tho, he’s only 1 player.

Looks like we got ourselves a great one! Terrific size and athlete! Very aggressive and athletic and very instinctive football player!

At this time of the year, we are usually just starting to get committments and this may even be earlier than usual. It seems that we pick up a couple in April and a couple more in May. Summer is when we start getting more booms. That is, if I am recalling correctly.

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