BOOM QB Chance Amie

(Gerald) #63

Is the a Chance of him coming back to the Coogs?


No interviews…lol


I was trying to remember if he was the player that said this on signing day.


Could be any number of reasons including weather, NE culture vs TX, competition for PT, academics, etc. By going juco he can transfer back to FBS with 3 years to play 3.

(Patrick) #68

There’s always a chance. However, the coaching staff that recruited him is no longer here.


And based on another thread that showed all QBs CDH was targeting at WVU, looks like CDH prefers pro style QBs to dual threats. I would venture to say Amie is not going to be a target of the new regime.

(Dan) #70

I don’t care if he lit the scoreboard up last year, you flip on us last minute for Syracuse I wouldn’t sign him. If he was John Tyler maybe but he’s Tyler Lee no thanks. Should have made a better decision the first time.

(Bryant Hargrave) #71

Perfectly valid feelings, I’d disagree holding grudges against 18 year olds for these decisions. If the staff things he can help after JUCO great bring him in. But nothing lost either way. But refusing to recruit talent, because of hurt feelings from two+ years ago seems like a bad practice to me.