Brays Bayou near UH College of Medicine

This is Brays Bayou next to the college of medicine. I hope they are building it on higher elevation to avoid flooding of the new building.


Nice photo.

They certainly should be aware. A decent piece of the site is in the 100-yr floodplain (in blue) and almost all of it is in the 500-yr floodplain (orange).

Not sure what authority City of Houston has over UH construction, but current COH floodplain regulations require buildings to be built 2’ above the 500-year floodplain elevation. My understanding is that, whether or not UH has to comply with COH building codes, they should have to comply with COH floodplain regulations.

Another question is, how are they mitigating the impact of development (converting from undeveloped woods to highly developed and efficiently drained site), and how are they mitigating any fill in the floodplain?


Braes Bayou has always flooded.

Ooh. Maybe we can get a redesign? :sunglasses:

Did any of the 3rd ward flood

Not to my knowledge, but I’ve been sitting in my house all day. :wink:

The biggest rains so far were south of Third Ward. A line from West U/Bellaire down to Friendswood got 12-15". I’m just off the South Loop and estimate we got about 13". Harris County shows that UH got about 6". Down at Orem/288 they got about 15".

I haven’t heard of any house flooding, just roads and cars.

More on the way, but supposed to stay more north and east.

Good question to ask our Chancellor.

Ok thanks…I heard it got pretty bad…good that homes didn’t flood

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