Brent Venables


Perhaps the best never was HC in the country. Coached two teams to NC as a Coordinator: OU and Clemson.

His day is coming. If it doesn’t work out with Major, he would be on my HC list.

(J V ) #2

I have read he is not interested in being a HC. But yes he is good at his job.


He reminds me a lot of Orlando in that I think there’s a reason he hasn’t been a head coach yet.


Why do you think Orlando hasn’t been a HC? He obviously wanted UH. He making a million at UT and doing well. His chance will come, but being a good coordinator doesn’t guarantee anything as a HC. Some guys are happy being DCs like Foster at VT or long time FSU DC Mickey Andrews.OCs as well.


I don’t know the reason – maybe he just interviews badly, or maybe he’s waiting for something that hasn’t come along yet. I just know that we’re the only job I’ve ever heard of him getting an interview for, and there has to be a reason for that.


I think he spent long time at UConn and I guess had land Utah St after staff change? Don’t know your gonna get great HC job coming from Utah St. after what he did at UH and now UT he should get a shot soon

(zx504) #7

He declined our invitation to interview in our last go round three years ago.
I liked him for HC when he was at Okie.


Was my choice last year but sounds like he just wants to be a coordinator

(Patrick) #9

He’s said he’ll leave Clemson if it’s for the right job. Not sure what that would be.

(Tom) #10

Sorry but loses to Tulsa, Tulane and epic collapse to Memphis did it for me. Manny Diaz, Miami DC could be a candidate as well.

(Roy McAvoy) #11

Speculation for years has been he’s waiting for Bill Snyder to finally give it up and take the KSU job. Although he’ll have to fight Snyder Jr for it.

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