Brian Johnson to ULL?



Please go


If any ULL admins read this board… he is 100% deserving and you should hire him right now, we had no complaints at all about him. Flawless in his playcalling and developed 3 QBs in one season! Don’t mess up and let somebody else hire him first.

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Lol you guys are despicable


Truthfully I think its probably best having him back for a 2nd season to see if he improves and works with King all year… unless there is a sure fire hire like a Holgorsen.


I’d recommend him for the job!!!


Why? If he can go be a HC and make more money, and it frees us up of a mistake that HOPEFULLY Major can fix with a 2nd shot, it’s a win-win for everyone.

(CoogDentist) #8

I’ll help him pack.


To any ULL fans, he’s a Great HC candidate. Will be sad to see him go.


We would all hate to see him go, but what are you gonna do?

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Bruce Feldman and 99.9% of UH fans have a VERY different definition of rising star!

(Tom) #12

Please make this happen, hopefully Brian can take the DC with him


I’m of the opinion that Johnson is actually good, but even then, I think he’d have to give a hell of an interview to get the ULL job.

(CoogDentist) #14

Really! That run up the middle for no gain must really surprise you when it does not work.


Done deal, I drove by his house, saw a Christmas tree by the curb. Congrats!

(J V ) #16

He would be an awesome hire for ULL!

(G.W.) #17

Perfect hire!

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The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, & Harry Potter agree 100% with you.

(Marcus) #19

For the people who want him gone, who would you replace him with?


His offense is averaging 6 yards/play, good for 31st in the nation. That’s better than we were throughout the Herman era. If they can get the turnover issue fixed – which I expect, being that Allen and Postma won’t be starting next year, and that the offense improved in that category toward the end of this year – we’ll have a dramatically better offense in 2018.