Brianne Making Great Strides For The Cougars

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Brianne Making Great Strides For The Cougars


And based on her progress, Bahamian assistant coach Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie said Bethel could become one of the greatest sprinters that the country has ever seen. In the meantime, they wait for the other half of the twin combo, Brittni, who is recuperating from surgery, to begin her campaign.

#That’s high marks coming from Ferguson-McKenzie, who has set the bar as the most accomplished sprinter coming out of the University of Georgia and excelling on the international scene as an Olympian.

#“Based on what she did last year coming in as a freshman, not knowing how to run indoors, she was a little disappointed in her performance,” Ferguson-McKenzie said.

#“But I told her that she just needs to work on her technique and with time, she will be able to turn it around. This year, coming back, she made the transition and is now performing like we all knew she is capable of doing.”

#Now in her sophomore year, Bethel improved her personal bests of 11.40 seconds in the 100 metres and 23.47 in the 200m from her freshman year to 11.20 and 22.74 over the weekend as she pulled off the sprint double at the American Athletic Conference Championships.