Bright spots from the Memphis game


I understand the loss, it hurts. However, can we list some positives from the game? I’ll start.

We ran the ball extremely well against a pretty good run defense.


Thanks for the pick me up but I think most people are too disappointed to look at that now

(Eric Prado) #3

I like that we have true freshmen contributing. David Anenih recorded his first sack today. I hope Stuart recovers well.

(Cristian) #4

The fixed the sound. It was clearer and the videos had subtitles. So thats a positive.


With the defense displayed tonight we should be a top candidate for the Big 12.


OK now I’m starting to feel good vibes however I am out of town and could not be at the game. So now I have some thing to look forward to next home game


We only gave up 30 yds rushing!


I understand, but if we watched the same game, there shouldn’t be too many reasons to hold our heads down. I’m not suggesting a moral victory, I’m suggesting that some people put down the pitchforks and torches. It’s simply another way of thinking instead of focusing on negatives. I promise you, if we won, people would not be pulling scenarios from the first quarter out of the hat.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #9

Defense played well up front.

Offense had a good balanced attack.


Did we? Nice! lol

(Patrick) #11
  • Crowd was better than I was expecting tonight.

  • Khator is a star and it was awesome watching her walk around and wave the paw at everyone in the first half

  • Our band is awesome

  • Cool that Paul Wall led the team out of the tunnel

  • Defense looked fantastic in the first half


That guy got around the corner so fast! Holy cow! lol

(Eric Prado) #13

Play of the game



Kyle Postma had a better completion percentage than Fergie. lol

We ran the ball well.

Courtney Lark might be getting healthy!!!

(Will) #16

Bright spots?

Cheerleaders looked better


The lights

(Dan) #18

PRO: Before kickoff I thought we were going to get destroyed. And we didn’t.

CON: At the half I thought we were going to win. And we didn’t.

PRO: This comeback should help the Memphis coach get poached so they can have growing pains with a new coach too.

(Patrick) #19

One more depressingly bright spot; our loss to Memphis probably helps the AAC in regards to getting the NY6 berth. Memphis has Tulane, at Tulsa, SMU and ECU left on their schedule which means they should win the West and still be ranked come CCG time. If USF and/or UCF can both stay undefeated until their game, with the winner going to the CCG, the conference will easily earn the NY6 berth and may have some calls for a playoff spot if UCF/USF is an undefeated champ.

Means more money for us in the end.

(Alan Tran) #20

Pulling for UCF. They will be the best team to represent and win in a NY6. I could see Memphis losing 1 of those games remaining on their schedule. Just can’t stand Memphis either :triumph: