Briles to interview at Tennessee


gotta disagree. At some point you pass into “selling your soul to the devil” territory. If KB signs an extension, tweets he’s committed to UH and then merely days later bolts - that is selling your soul I don’t care what anyone says.


If He signed extension he should not be continuing to interview and should be concentrating on recruiting and coaching until next year. If you are that good he will just as good opportunities next year.

(Gregg) #23

Job hopping is not good in the long run, hope he sees it. However, another year here and he’s in-line for a head coaching gig.

(Dan) #24

Agree with the previous posters that is weak especially for an alumnus to sign an extension then interview. I think Tenn is just putting pressure on Hugh Freeze with this leak.


“Nothing’s changed”


He’s a Briles. What do you expect?

(J V ) #27

Todd Graham approves.

(Tom Green) #28

Last I saw it still needed BOR approval. A formality I’m sure but nonetheless pretty sure he hasn’t signed an extension yet.

(Cristian) #29

Dang, I was wrong. We dont have until bowl game lol what a joke. The guy just signed an extension. And then people on the board wonder why we dont do well recruiting wise. It’s because of things like signing a contract a couple of weeks ago and interviewing for a job right after. The stability here is crazy this isn’t a good model.

(Mike Higdon) #30

Yes, these guys are pros and in this instance, the pro has signed a professional contract. Call me old fashioned, but I was raised to honor your word and a handshake wasn’t even necessary. If I say I will do something, I will do it unless some physical mishap prevents it.

But then, this isn’t even about one’s word, it’s about legal contracts. He has signed a contract that has binding stipulations and penalties, I assume, for abandoning that contract. If he abides by the contract, or pays the penalty, then he has honored the terms. It’s just that simple.

If he stays, fine; if he goes, we get someone else; I’m just tired of the BS. I just hope that if he goes, it’s soon enough for us to get a good replacement.


I’ve never heard of a coach continuing interviews right after he signed an extension. Is this going to be a new trend with coaches? Maybe for G5 schools.


I have moved around in my profession enough to understand wanting to get more, etc. But I also have a non-compete, which i would have to honor for two years if I leave!


It stinks but UH is the top of the ladder G5 and I’d say is proven as HC/OC U…only way to have a HC/staff stay long-term is if they stink and that dog ain’t gonna hunt…game we got to play until get to the Promised Land $$


This is a garbage move, if he’s really signed an extension. I always hope that karma will take care of stuff like this, but it rarely does.

I understand looking for a step up, increase in pay, better situation, whatever - but once you sign a new deal, you should be done with that for a while, and certainly longer than a week or two. Low character has a way of showing itself.


I’m not bothered.

This is why Applewhite keeps his hires close to the vest.

(Ian Blake) #36

Yeah, agents keep their clients free of that.


That’s actually not true. In a career, job hopping results in higher overall pay than staying put.


If you marry an 8 and fall in love with a 10 a week later, then it should cost you.

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Still proud to be a Houston Cougar

(Mike Higdon) #40

You must be young or haven’t been paying attention. Does the name Graham ring a bell?