Bring back the Zeppelins! Commercial airships return!

10% of regular aircraft emissions. Electrical options in the works.

Book your next flight on a giant blimp!

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Cool! That would be an awesome ride! You get to see everything in a slower, more intriguing way!

I’m old school. Bring back Led Zeppelin.


the question is safety and weather, can it handle texas storms?
it doesn’t fly,i assume, above the clouds.

Valid question. I guess the FAA will have to make a determination before it would ever start operating here.

As a kid, growing up in Huntsville, we would often travel down to Houston for different stuff. A huge highlight of the drive down was checking to see if the Goodyear blimp was in or around its house in Spring. Was an awesome sight to see if it was viewable.

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Here’s some more info. It was a military project that was cancelled, and has now been acquired by private industry for commercial purposes.

clearly more testing is needed

Apples and oranges.

Due to embargo, the Hindenburg was inflated with flammable hydrogen. The new airship utilizes non-flammable helium.

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