Build a fence around houston

We need a better and bigger fence. I count 3 on the list. I don’t care where our recruits come from as long as they work out but man we could really rock if we ever build that fence around Houston.

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Wish I had a nickel for every time I heard a UH coach make this statement…


I was going to just comment the same. Been talking about the fence forever.




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Yeah we need an H-Town Takeover.


We don’t need a fence we just need a legitimate option for any kid interested in playing FOR his city and in front of family and friends.


Street ball.



We need to be in a P5 conference, where we could get those 4 star recruits who would, stay home. Until then …


And that is exactly one reason we are not in a P5 conference! Those who are in one of those conferences don’t want the competition.


As long as we’re in a G5 conference, we’re not going to be attractive to most 4 or 5 star athletes. So right now, we can’t even build that fence much less surround it around Houston.

If and when we are in a Power Conference (I hate that term), then we most likely snag a lot of top tier Houston athletes and become a consistent top 25 team.

It’s why the big12 doesn’t want us.

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We should have at least been able to build a G5 wall around Houston for the last 25 years and haven’t been able to do that.

If we ever get into a P5 I have my doubts we’d be able to build a P5 wall.

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IMHO, we should simply recruit well for those stronger minded folks that like the City of Houston and want to attend the University of Houston.

Then we should just let the weaker minded, insecure and/or less intelligent folks who would rather go live in some place like Collie Station or Waco or Austin move on down the road. Move along and good riddance.

If the hated Tom Herman stayed and actually capitalized on Ed Oliver being here. The way the media was bragging on us as the only G5 to do that, we would have done it…but He wanted to be a Horn!

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C’mon now, Lying Tommy Herman was a self-promoting BS machine… He wasn’t even able to sustain the early success of the players he inherited from his predecessors at UH.

Little Tommy couldn’t put a fence around the UH practice fields, much less the entire City of Houston.

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You’re kidding yourself. He was always going to be short term. Whether it was Austin or somewhere else.

I’ve always wondered why we just dont brand ourselves as the Houston Area all-star team. Literally put it on our recruiting documents that you’ve been SELECTED to represent the Houston area all stars , as a member of the University of Houston, in their effort to defeat competition both in the state, and outside to state. If you choose to take your talents, to another city in the state, or to another state, we will find a replacement for you that will help us protect and fight for YOUR native city/hometown

We need to make it seem like they would be passing up on an exclusive opportunity to represent THEIR Houston family.

The city state OF Houston!

Why??? Other than the money a school receives, what is the benefit for a Houston area kid to play for an Iowa State, Maryland, Northwestern, North Carolina State, etc. Type of school…we DO have a better shot at the playoffs then they do!

Had 2016 gone our way we would have been IN…we started out high enough.

In fact the AAC having FOUR ranked teams in the AP top 25, only behind the SEC and B1G is starting to blow up that strength of conference BS.

Guys, we are WAY closer than many here think.

If a Houston area kid chooses an Iowa State type school over a Houston, then that kid is just stupid.

Do we make Dallas pay for it? Because I’m super down for that.


CDL could be the coach to do since he will be good and he will stay. I’m very sure of this. He will be like a Bill Y coach for us. He’s building for a long run and I think he’ll get us a P5 invite. I feel it .